How to Drive Radical Efficiencies in the Supply Chain with AI

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Find out how Enterprise AI® can help you be the hero of your business and get radical about innovation, efficiency, and reduced waste

What You’ll Learn in This Webcast

How we help customers reach over 10% lost sales recovery

How AI can help you achieve 20% inventory reduction and 10% reduction in transportation costs

How AI-driven radical efficiency reduces waste and improves revenue

About the Speakers

JENN GAMBLE—Principal Data Scientist,

Jennifer Gamble is a Principal Data Scientist with She specializes in the development of AI/ML systems for Enterprise applications, topological data analysis, network analysis, and visualization of high-dimensional data. She received her PhD in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University, and MSc (Statistics) and BSc (Mathematics) degrees from the University of Alberta.


Jeff Alpert is a Director within the Enterprise AI Services group at He founded his first business while studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University. He then became interested in the intersection of analytics and business strategy, and worked for 12 years as a management consultant, servicing the needs of Fortune 100 companies, with a focus on supply chain strategy, before joining Noodle.