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Fast track your journey to more accurate forecasting and reduce your penalties, expedite costs and inventory levels with our 3 weeks OTIF Challenge.

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Investment and Results

Better OTIF prediction starting with demand signal

*as measured by wMAPE (weighted Mean Absolute Percentage Error)

Only 2 data sets required.

Review’s predictions and compare with your baseline

Results in just 3 weeks. Requires minimal time commitment from your teams.


Walmart (and other retailers) changed their OTIF (on-time-in-full) compliance rules last year from 70% to 98% with 3% cost of goods penalties for non-compliance. Consumer Good Companies are also having a hard time meeting OTIF standards due to supply chain disruption and demand changes due to COVID.

Businesses are weighing the impact of missing OTIF commitments. For a typical $10B CPG (OTIF in low 80s);

$100 - $150M

month in missed sales

$10M - $30M

in OTIF penalties

$25M - $30M

expedited freight charges to meet obligations

Many CPGs are artificially maintaining OTIF through very high inventory holdings or frequent expedite shipments ($$$).

OTIF is a complex problem

Thousands of SKUs Many DCs Many Plants Demand Volatility

...with many challenges

Low forecast accuracy Low order fill rates Excess inventory Unpredictable Performance

Enter FlowOps Product Suite

How it works

Predict customer orders, supply, inventory, and fill rate in weekly buckets for execution horizon (typically 13 weeks)

Compute probabilistic value-at-risk (VAR) to prioritize actions

Develop AI recommendations for planner actions (expedite replenishment, pull in production order, etc)

Why it’s different

VAR was developed by Noodle to allow summarization of risk at any level of hierarchy (product, brand, geography)

Get ahead of issues predicted 2-6 weeks in the future instead of reacting to current out of stocks (as legacy control towers do)

Dramatically improves planner productivity – individual focus areas, less clerical work & better coordination with other planners

Demand and supply are highly related in the execution horizon – no other product tackles these relationships FlowOps models predict Value-at-Risk leading to improved OTIF

Enables Supply Chain Planners to focus on high-impact problem solving
Demand Signal AI - screenshot

Inventory Flow

Supply Chain Products

These FlowOps applications keep the perfect flow of goods in your network, supply and demand in balance and your teams collaborating.

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