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Below are some of the articles, pdfs, datasheets, and upcoming events that are relevant to companies eager to leverage Enterprise AI solutions.

Product Information

The Enterprise AI® Platform is described on the website platform page and here in pdf:

Asset Health AI

Getting the most out of your production assets, especially at constraints, is the beating heart of increasing flow of profits through your lines.

Production Flow AI

Increase profit per production hour. Think of it as the best ever Herbie finder and elevator. (nod to Goldratt).

Product Quality AI

Reducing waste due to low quality is integral to maximizing production flow. Predicting and fixing quality issues before they happen helps meet customer demands, reduce rework, and eliminate wasted materials.

Demand Signal AI

Predicting demand is a tough business. Our application is no crystal ball, but analyzes a broader set of inputs to far outperform the alternatives.

Fill Rate AI

Your inventory planners aren't just managing inventory, they're managing your company's relationships with retailers, relationships with customers, and working capital.

Supply Chain AI

Improve allocation decisions with dramatically better predictions of inventory needs.


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