Creating a World Without Waste

Creating a World Without Waste

Saving the planet, one SKU at a time

Consumer Products Customer Improves Profits and Planet with AI

+’s not-so-secret plan is to create a world without waste, delivering CO2 reductions to every one of our customers.

Our global, $10-billion-dollar personal care customer uses our Athena Supply Chain AI Suite to manage supply-demand imbalances to recapture lost sales and right-size inventory and production. We’ve been able to improve fill rate performance, reduce ERP system alerts, lower the frequency of air expedites and reduce inventory across all brands, regions, and categories where we’re live. On top of these business results, we’re just as proud to report they are on track to reduce their CO2 impact by 40,000 tons annually via corresponding reductions in inventory, obsolescence and expedites.

Excess Inventory



Reduced Production and handling

Obsolete Product

Shelving, Product, Shelf


Product Obsolescence Reduction

Excessive Air Expedites

Flooring, Wall, Product, Floor


Reduced flight miles from North America to Asia and Europe

AI / Solution



*Maximum impact; Source: internal customer data

The equivalent of 10,000 cars taken off the road in San Francisco

40,000 Tons of CO2 Reduction 

Global Impact

CO2 Reduction Realized by Customer’s Athena Execution Control Towers are AI-based control towers that enable improved, predictive exception management in the execution horizon. This product is designed for companies that have problems with supply-demand imbalances, particularly when managing the gap between planning and execution, where real-world impacts cause plans to deviate. 

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