AI Wake-Up Call: 4 Ways to a Smarter Factory

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Learn how we put Enterprise AI® to work for your factory to make it radically efficient using data science.

What You’ll Learn in This Webcast

How to predict equipment failure and get better recommendations—achieve as much as 25-50% reduction in downtime

How AI can help you forecast, diagnose, and prevent product quality issues and reduce scrap and rework costs

How AI can help you sense demand, predict production product mix, and refine scheduling, plus enhance energy prediction and shaping

About the Speakers

ATIN GUPTA—Vice President, Manufacturing,

Atin is a Vice President in the Manufacturing Business Unit. He's at the front lines of driving opportunities for AI in Manufacturing with an eye toward long-term value. He has shaped and deployed AI applications at multiple companies and holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and an MS in Robotics from Rensselaer.

MUKESH RANJAN—Vice President, Manufacturing,

Mukesh leads’s Enterprise AI application development and deployments at Industrial Manufacturing customers. Mukesh is both a technologist (enterprise AI/ML, software, computation) and a strategist (product, business) with expertise in product management and development, customer management, and commercial due diligence. He has operating experience of 13 yrs. in the industry and management consulting primarily at, Intel, and A.T. Kearney. Mukesh holds an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and a PhD in Computer science & Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. In his free time Mukesh enjoys live theater/music, hiking, and British crime shows.

YING TAT LEUNG—Vice President, Data Science,

Analytical solution designer & algorithm developer with 28 years of industrial R&D experience in predictive modeling, analytics, & optimization applied in different functional areas spanning manufacturing, distribution, marketing & sales. Knowledge of discrete product manufacturing (including semiconductors, computer, electronics, CPG), process manufacturing (including steel making, chemical & petroleum), retail industries. Broad familiarity with most analytic & machine learning techniques with deep knowledge in statistical & probabilistic models. Excellent technical leader, effective strategy & technical consultant. Most passionate in new product or methodology development & applied research to solve life’s little problems.